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Every calculation is using integer arithmetic.


The wage you set in the Labor advisor is in 1/10th of a denarii per year. So a wage rate of 30 means you spend 3 denarii per worker per year.

Every month, wages are calculated using the following formula:

wages = (number of employed workers) * (wage rate) / 10 / 12;


If you are in debt, you pay interest at a rate of 10% of your debt per year. Every month, you pay interest:

interest = (-treasury) * 10 / 100 / 12


Every month, taxes are collected. Taxes are calculated in 1/2 of a denarius. A house must be visited by a tax collector to pay tax. For each taxed house, the rate it pays is calculated as follows:

The tax rate multiplier for the house is looked up in the c3_model.txt and multiplied by a factor based on difficulty (variable: TRM):

Difficulty Factor
Very easy 300%
Easy 200%
Normal 150%
Hard 100%
Very hard 75%

Then, monthly tax 'points' are calculated as follows:

tax points = TRM * population

Tax points from all houses are added together. Then, total tax for the month is calculated as:

total taxes (in Dn) = (tax points / 2) * (tax percentage) / 100


Every year, you pay tribute to Caesar. The height of the tribute depends on whether you made a profit, and the population of your city.

Profit is calculated as:

profit = income - expenses

Income is defined as the sum of:

  • donations
  • exports
  • taxes

Expenses is defined as the sum of:

  • construction
  • imports
  • interest
  • salary
  • sundries
  • wages

If you are in debt, you don't pay tribute, but this will have consequences for your favor rating. If you made a profit, tribute is 25% of your profit, with a minimum amount.

Population Tribute when profit ⇐ 0 Minimum tribute when profit > 0
0-500 0 50
501-1000 0 150
1001-2000 100 225
2001-3000 200 300
3001-5000 200 400
5000+ 200 500
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