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There are three types of festivals: small, large, grand. Small and large only cost money, while the grand festival also requires wine.


Festival Money Wine Preparation time
Small floor(population / 20) + 10 - 2 months
Large floor(population / 10) + 20 - 3 months
Grand floor(population / 5) + 40 floor(population / 500) + 1 4 months

When a festival is held (that is, when you get the message, not when you schedule it in the entertainment advisor), these things happen:

  • The “months since festival” variable is set to 1
  • For the god: its “months since festival” variable is also set to 1
  • City sentiment is updated

Effect on city sentiment

There are two variables that determine how much city sentiment is affected by the festival:

  • delayFirstFestival
  • delaySecondFestival

Both variables are decremented by 1 each month, and always have a value between 0 and 12.

When the first festival is held, city sentiment is increased by a large amount, and delayFirstFestival is set to 12. When you hold another festival within 12 months of the first, city sentiment is increased by a small amount, and delaySecondFestival is set to 12. Any more festivals within 12 months of the first festival will have no effect on city sentiment. When the delayFirstFestival counter reaches zero, a festival will gain the large city sentiment increase again.

The effect on city sentiment:

Festival First Second
Small 7 2
Large 9 3
Grand 12 5
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