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Favor Rating


Gifts to Caesar improve the Emperor's mood, but you shouldn't do it too often.

When you give a gift, any subsequent gifts within a 12-month period will reduce the favor it brings:

Gift # Modest Generous Lavish
1st 3 5 10
2nd 1 3 5
3rd 0 1 3
4th 0 0 1
5th+ 0 0 0

Each gift size has 4 types (giraffes, etc). Once you give a gift of a certain size, the next type is chosen.


Requests can give favor, but also reduce it if you ignore requests.

  • Fulfilling a request on time: full favor set in request
  • Fulfilling a request late (24 months after deadline): half of the favor set in request
  • Missing the deadline: -3 favor
  • Missing the “late” deadline: -5 favor

So in total, if you ignore a request your favor will reduce by 8 points (3 for missing the first deadline, 5 for missing the second).

Yearly update

Every year, Caesar evaluates you based on these criteria:

  • Base change
  • Tribute payments
  • Salary
  • Milestones

Base change is -2 points, except for the two tutorial missions (unnamed one and Brundisium).

Tribute payments

If you fail to pay tribute, you get a favor penalty:

Tribute Penalty
Not paid last year only -3
Not paid for 2 years -5
Not paid for 3+ years -8


If the current mission's rank is citizen and you pay yourself a salary: penalty is the number of ranks above citizen you pay yourself.

If the current mission's rank is above citizen:

  • If you pay yourself less than your rank: +1 favor
  • If you pay yourself more than your rank: favor penalty of (1 + rank - salary rank)


Some scenarios have milestones set: in year X you must have 25% of the target ratings, in year Y 50% and in year Z 75%. The target ratings are the culture, prosperity, peace and favor ratings, and population.

  • If you reach a milestone: +5 favor
  • If you miss a milestone: -2 favor
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